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Art in Public Places: A Panel Discussion at the Contemporary Jewish Museum 12/15/16

Matt Gonzalez reading “Language and the Orb-Crate” at an event celebrating the publication of Lightning Strikes: 18 Poets. 18 Artists (San Francisco: Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 2015) 12/12/15

Immigrant charged in slaying has strong defender in Matt Gonzalez by Bob Egelko, SF Chronicle, 07/12/15

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Third party VP debate with Libertarian Wayne Allen Root, Independent Matt Gonzalez & Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle, UNLV, 11/02/08 (debate starts at 2:30)

Matt Gonzalez in New York City at Cooper Union, 10/15/08

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Supes try to resolve Tenderloin quarrel, by Suzanne Herel, SF Chronicle, 07/30/04

Businesspeople sound off on Gonzalez’ attitudes, by Suzanne Herel, SF Chronicle, 07/22/04

CARL RAKOSI / 1903-2004 / S.F. poet who never seemed old, by Julian Guthrie, SF Chronicle, 07/02/04

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Building permit reform up for vote, by Katia Hetter, SF Chronicle, 06/10/04

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“Immigrant charged in slaying has strong defender in Matt Gonzalez”, by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, July 12, 2015. Photo by Tony Avelar, Associated Press.


  1. Thanks for always fighting the good fight, Matt, whether for humans or non-humans! 🙂

  2. Mira Martin-Parker

    Thanks for fighting that good fight, Matt! Way to go! And puppies!

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