Compare and Decide, SF Mayoral Race 2011, first released on YOUTUBE, October 31, 2011


by Matt Gonzalez & Isiah Flores

Jeff Adachi filing papers to run for Mayor of San Francisco, 2011. SF Chronicle photo by Lance Iversen.

Isiah Flores, of Pictografica Films, and Matt Gonzalez made this video on October 29th and 30th, 2011.


  1. mattgonzalez

    Some have asked whether I am opposed to public financing. First of all, I should have made clear that Jeff Adachi supports public financing, but didn’t believe it was appropriate given the city’s financial situation where workers are being asked to give back wages, and vital city services are being cut.
    Also, we are very concerned that public money has been used to pay for political hit pieces against rival candidates. This is not something I support. Clearly, the public financing law in San Francisco needs reform. –Matt Gonzalez

  2. cjerdonek

    Well-made video. In the interest of disclosure, though, is there a way for the viewer to see or appreciate that your support for Adachi is not simply a result of your recent appointment, etc? It’s an honest question. Thanks.

  3. mattgonzalez

    I think a discerning viewer should always check facts, regardless of who is presenting them, so I don’t take any offense to your comment. But isn’t the whole point of the video to show the substantive reasons why someone ought to support him? What other candidate has made such a convincing case for their candidacy?

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